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76 Rose Street, Fitzroy

v = vegetarian v+ = vegan
g = gluten free on request

Kind food

Baked Eggs v g - $17

Chickpeas, eggplant, tomato & onion cooked in garlic & cumin. Topped w/2 eggs, garnished w/ fresh seasonal herbs & fetta.

Add chorizo: $4

Zucchini Fritters v v+ g - $16

Served w/avocado, corn, red kidney beans, coriander & a tomato & pepita dipping sauce.

Add bacon: $5

Mexican-style baked beans v - $16

Spiced beans served with avocado, tomato salsa, sour cream & cheesy toast. (w/Jalapeños on the side, optional.)

Smoked salmon breakfast - $16

Salmon, avocado, spicy beetroot and quark dip served a rocket and dill salad and toasted sourdough.

Quark-filled Crepes v - $16

Crepes filled w/vanilla-sweetened, organic quark.

Served w/cream & berry coulis ~ or ~ lemon curd and cream

BRAT g - $14

Free range bacon, rocket, avocado & tomato, served w/mayo & chilli jam on sourdough.

For a vegie option, ask for beetroot instead of bacon. Add an egg ~ $2

Avocado toast v+ g - $13

Whole avocado, smashed w/herbs & a side of lemon on Dench sourdough.

Add Meredith goats fetta - $4

Toasted Muesli v - $11

Honeyed oats, almonds & seeds, w/a side of milk, yoghurt & seasonal fruits.

Yoghurt Jar w/home made coulis v - $8

Garnished w/toasted muesli, goji berries & cacao nibs.

Fruit Toast v - $7

Dench organic fruit toast, buttered.

Add quark & honey ~ $3

Toast v g - $7

Enough toast for a breakfast, buttered. Spread options: Vegemite, lemon curd, jam or honey.

Home-made sausage rolls - $15

Two sausage rolls served w/tomato sauce & a garden salad.

Cheesy Tuna g - $15

A classic tuna sandwich with pickles, red onion, mayo, tomato, rocket and delicious melted cheese.

Tarragon Chicken Sanga g - $15

w/mayo, avocado & rocket. (w/Jalapeños, optional.)

Toastie Melts - $9

Vegemite & cheese

Made w/vegemite & cheese.

Chilli jam & cheese v g

Made w/chilli jam & cheese.

Bagel or Sandwich

Salmon g - $11

Served w/quark, red onions, dill & greens.

Chorizo g - $11

Served w/onion jam, chorizo, roast capsicum & cheese.

Smoked Chicken g - $11

Served w/spring onions & mango chutney.

Beetroot v g - $11

Served w/fetta, alfalfa & mint.

Side options

Half an Avocado ~ $4

Free range bacon ~ $5

Meredith goats fetta ~ $4

Chorizo ~ $4

Smoked salmon ~ $5

Mushrooms ~ $4

About our food

We use kind, quality ingredients

Bread by Dench

Milk by Jonesy’s

Teas are by Larsen & Thompson

Chai by Calmer Sutra

Our bacon & eggs are free range.

What's Quark? Quark is a lot like cream cheese, but slightly more delicious.

Home-made treats

All the cakes, biscuits and slices on the front counter are baked here, with love, by us.

Talk to us

For enquiries, email us at